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Maurice Thompson



“Over Drive” is the most appropriate description for the progressive and aggressive real estate leader. His ability to advance and manage a myriad of projects simultaneously is bolstered by his passion for real estate. His name is synonymous with the phrases “go getter” and “make it happen.”


As an accomplished Human Resource professional, Maurice review and select the properties with our team of agents and relish in the art of the deal. He manages project construction and general contractors assuring that the scope of work is timely and of quality. His innate desire to see everyone at the table, enjoying the abundance of life, adds fuel to the mission of EVOLUSION.

Steve Ballard-web.jpg



Armed with the motto “Image Is Everything”, a mantra that has become his personal and professional brand for nearly 40 years, Steve is a sought-after veteran in the marketing and media communications industry. His experience in the graphic design, advertising, and visual communications arena has made him the “go to” man for polished brand messaging.


He’s a national award-winning visual communicator, responsible for EVOLUSION’s business management, contract reviews and operations documentation. Steve also leads the company’s brand marketing and communications. His creative eye is also responsible for the interior design, staging and material selection for all properties. Whether the style is luxe, modern, industrial, mid-century or traditional, his design esthetic brings it all together.

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